A soothing therapy for distressed emotions

  • Smooth transition

    You have had a heated argument with your boss and you don’t know how to deal with the rage. Just retreat to your desk, plug in your headphones and listen to the tracks on the album CAPE.


    The album has eight music tracks, with vocals and instructions, of about six to eight minutes each. A fusion of Indian classical music and Western contemporary music, the tracks are accompanied by vocals in Sanskrit and verbal instructions in English for the listener to follow. The first stage of the therapy has individual tracks targeted at processing anger, hate or disgust, fear and panic, grief. In the second stage, the tracks help the listener make a progression from harmony to An alumna of Bangalore Medical College, Ramya has been a senior consultant psychiatrist and medical educator with the National Health Service of UK (NHS). A talented musician and artiste herself, she incorporates art into the prevention and treatment...


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