Science and Art : Can the twain meet?

  • Thanks for reading my first blog on this site. I thought this would be an apt question to start with as my thoughts around this have been the guiding principles of my professional and personal life all along and more recently, has inspired this website.


     The eternal question! Science and Creative art. Two categorical entities? Or polar dimensions on a continuum?


     One believes in logic.Proving and strengthening a theory. Order and method. Evidence.Results.


     The other thrives on free expression.Subjective expansion. Hues on a colour palate. Notes to a tune. Interpretation.


     But they also have a lot in common.Observation. Imagination. Innovation. Dedication.


     The journey? Exciting at times. Relaxing at others. Enjoyable. Frustrating. But ultimately.... satisfying. Empowering.


     Us humans are plastic creatures. With malleable, adaptable brains. That is, if we let ourselves.


     Because humans are creatures of habit too.Habits make the brain hard-wired.Our comfort zones and our ‘safe havens’ are more deeply entrenched in our minds that we consciously realise. Exploring new possibilities is difficult. One wonders why. This is not surprising , considering that the human mind is a hard-working little elf that instinctively tries to protect and defend itself even whilst it is in the process of forming within the womb. Charles Darwin called it the 'survival instinct’.


    Balancing two different systems is always difficult. To add to this, we are all different in nature, with differing styles of coping and responsiveness. Hard , isn’t it?Not impossible but definitely hard.I have certainly found it challenging.


    But that is a story for another day my friends! Have a wonderful day with unlimited possibilities!

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