That floating feeling. ??,!!,*@ or ......

  • This morning, I woke up with a funny sense of ....well, floating.Floating on the sea, to be precise! This got me thinking on the subject of floating... the context and connotations...


    Many of us would have experienced this at one point or the other ... Our state of mind and circumstances at the time would perhaps be the reason.


    Just ‘floating along’ ? A sense of not having any moorings? Or of having broken free from them?         


    Floating may give the sense of stasis. Of taking a few deep breaths. Of pausing in a fast-paced world. Of being in the moment. Liberating. Or scary? Is it important or useful to experience this floating feeling ?


    Floating can make the direction of travel ambiguous. This can be unsettling. Or does it feel exciting?


    And the emotions ‘floating' can churn up? A few immediately spring to mind..Peace. Oneness with nature. Unknown dangers or fears lurking in the depths . And not necessarily in that order.


    On a different level, does this show impending or wishful travel? To floating on the Dead Sea perhaps? To paragliding like a bird in the French Alps? Moving towards exotic , far-flung destinations or, coming back to my initial thoughts, an unknown destiny? How does that feel?


    One thing. Floating immediately brings a connection to water or air. Water and air are such are such powerful elements of nature.Calming. Relaxing. Furious. Unpredictable. Life-giving. Life-taking.


    Working daily with life-driving anxieties and emotions in my patients , I am familiar with accounts of 'experienced reality’ ; of the self being separate from the actual experience and observing it.Those with a spiritual bent of mind may have an ideological and philosophical explanation.


    I have a rather strange relationship with water myself : I love certain aspects, fear some and am oblivious to many others ...just like human relationships, the contextual connotations of floating are immense and diverse.


    One never quite knows when and in which direction the tide or wind might turn.


    One thing is for sure. Floating on water is possible. Gliding in air is believable. Is it helpful to float? Are we floundering when we float? Are we floating to be in the moment ? Or to be gradually led towards a destination with a belief in oneself or one’s destiny?


    I wonder what my thoughts would’ve been if I’d woken up with an 'uplifting' or a ‘sinking’ feeling!? Quite open to interpretation?Or is it?! Abstract? Familiar? Interesting? Or frankly ridiculous? Whatever your thoughts, I would love to hear them on the comments section of this blog!

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