1How do we contact Dr Ramya Mohan ?

If you are an organizer for music shows/art exhibitions/CAPE/Psychiatry invited talks / innovatively themed projects/events , have a query around creating personalized/tailored training packages for schools/colleges and corporates , have media enquiries/communications , please use the contact form, email or whatsapp number the website to send a short message synopsizing your query. A member of Dr Ramya Mohan’s team will be in touch with you to discuss further and arrange a meeting if required.


If you would like to book a clinical consultation, please click on the Book a consultation icon on the home page, where you will be re-directed to schedule of available slots and can make a booking.


If you would like to volunteer/be a part of Dr Mohan’s future events and projects, please email us your resume , hopes and interests    

2What is Child and Adolescent Psychiatry?

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is a highly specialist distinct sub-specialty within Psychiatry and mental Health . It covers the complete broad spectrum of mental health conditions, ranging from childhood stress, mental health difficulties seen in body illnesses , developmental difficulties like Autsim, ADHD etc, Learning Disability of Childhood and Adolescence and severe mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc.


Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists are medical doctors. Following their MBBS, they train in General Psychiatry and complete their post-graduation. They train for a few years further in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on a formal accredited Child and Adolescent Psychiatry rotation training programme and need to meet stringent sub-specialty requirements for full board accreditation.


Dr .Ramya Mohan, MBBS, FRCPsych (UK), MRC Psych(UK), CCST (Full Board-certification in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) is one of less than a handful of private super-specialists in India with full board-certification and extensive Consultant experience in the highly specialist, distinct sub-specialty of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.


Dr. Mohan’s holistic approach supports emotional management, resilience and personality development in children and young people, alongside supporting crucial systems around them (Like their families and schools).

3Does my child have depression / anxiety or a mental health problem?

Children are not miniature adults & their developmental process is highly complex . It is important to be aware of common difficulties and their presentations and seek timely professional help if required.


For further information on what to be aware of, please read these articles from Dr Mohan :





4How can my child manage exam stress?

Exams are trying times. If you are concerned that your child or a loved one is under pressure to perform well in exams, please refer to Dr. Mohan’s articles on exam stress :




In 2015, Dr Ramya Mohan conceptualised and founded iMANAS London, an organisation created to promote the integration of Medicine, Creative Arts and Neuroscience for individual and community development. This is through focused East-West projects on global platforms, alongside promoting easy accessibility to highly specialist, up-to-date mental healthcare services. The ethos of iMANAS London is about ‘Achieving mental health creatively and without barriers’.


Exploring the way in which everyone can harness the mind and brain’s potential optimally, iMANAS London delivers its message and work through projects that bring Science, Medicine and the Arts together. iMANAS London supports the logical power of neuroscience (using up-to date, evidence-based research and clinical practice) and the therapeutic creativity and free expression of art. Ramya travels the world as an invited guest speaker to share her work, as the Founder and Medical Director of iMANAS London, as well as a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist.


I MANAS London’s Technology Head is Dr. Hosahalli Krishnamurthy Mohan ( Dr. H K Mohan)  , MBBS, MD (Nuclear Medicine), FRCP (UK), MRCP ( UK) , MSc (Nuclear Medicine). Dr Mohan is a Marie Curie Award nominee , Senior Consultant in Nuclear Medicine and a key opinion leader in Thyroid Oncology , with over 20 years of cutting edge technology and medical expertise across continents ( Europe and Asia) behind him at leading tertiary centres of excellence. For details of Dr.  H K Mohan’s work, please visit www.hosahallimohan.com .


I MANAS London prides itself on its innovative and dynamic ethos, ethics, high quality care and active projects across the medical research, clinical and the creative art domains across continents.


For details about i MANAS London and our work across the spheres of Medicine and Medicine –related Technology , Neuroscience , Psychiatry, Music, Art and Creativity , please visit  www.imanaslondon.com


In 2016, Ramya released her innovative, self-guided therapeutic technique ‘CAPE: Creative Arts for Processing Emotions’, followed by CAPE: Youth (2017), a version for children and young people, both launched at the High Commission of India UK, Cultural Wing . This novel technique has a basis in Ramya’s Neuroscience studies on music, emotions and the brain and brings together the best of Eastern and Western music alongside well-evidenced therapeutic techniques, like mindfulness, to support self-guided emotional processing and regulation.


CAPE has been internationally acclaimed in various high profile world media including the Independent UK, BBC Arts and Culture, BBC Asian Network, The Huffington Post UK , The Times , India Today/Aaj Tak , NDTV, Deccan Herald amongst others. Young people who have been part of a pilot and benefitted from the technique are now coming forward to share their experiences. Young people have courageously come forward to talk about the impact CAPE has had on their emotional well-being and mental health. With the support of successful case histories, validation studies are currently being set up and an app will be launched over the next month to optimise accessibility and usefulness across the world. CAPE has supported awareness on a global platform about the significance and importance of creativity for mental health.


Following an international interest in CAPE, Ramya was invited by Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, Chairman of the AMAR International Charitable Foundation (Patron HRH The Prince of Wales) to talk about ‘The role of music and the creative arts in mental health and emotional well-being at The House of Lords, UK. She was invited by Prof The Baroness Hollins to present CAPE and her artwork on ‘Art and the human mind’ at the Mental Wealth Festival, London, in September 2016, which was very well-received. In December 2018, she was invited to the House of Commons to talk about its importance in women , children and families , pregnancy and beyond . CAPE has users across different continents today. For more details about CAPE and to access the CAPE app.