Highly specialist Mental Health services for children, young people & families , integrating Dr Ramya Mohan’s novel approach S.M.A.R.T©  

Strength of Mind.  Ability. Refined Thinking  

Science, Music & ART in Society 

i MANAS London(MANAS : THE MIND in Sanskrit )  has pioneered a world-wide movement in the integration of Medicine, Arts, Neuroscience and Ability in Society to support mental health and emotional well-being in children , adolescents, young people and their families. It is the brainchild of Dr. Ramya Mohan, world-renowned British - Indian Thought leader, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist , Musician, Artist , Author , Writer, Invited speaker and Author, Humanitarian & Mother.


i MANAS London are recognized global pioneers & leaders in helping optimize children and young people's mental health, emotional well-being & personality development holistically across the West and the East.


Children and young people are the backbone of our homes & communities. Every child, adolescent and young person is unique.  Children and adolescents are not miniature adults. i MANAS London is known for its undisputed training, expertise & experience credentials on an international platform in the highly specialist area of children & young people's mental health.


 i MANAS London's expertise specifically lies in working with children, adolescents and young people ( 0-25 years of age ) and their families.


i MANAS London comprehensively support emotional, mental, physical & educational well-being. Our unique approach optimizes creativity & innate potential in the developing brain & aids personality development through key transitions from childhood & adolescence into early adulthood.


This is through the balanced fusion of five powerful worlds :


Neuroscience & Medicine (Mind & body), Language & Education (The expressed & written), Performing arts (Music & dance), Visual arts (Paintings, photography, design)and Culture (Heritage, Awareness, and Identity)


Whilst our body of work has been acclaimed internationally for transcending borders, cultures and languages, our core clinical services have a solid basis in evidence-based Medicine.  Our clinical services are culture, language & age sensitive , delivered by & under the close supervision of international experts in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.


Our highly specialist mental health services are fully comprehensive, providing a 'one-stop' service at every step of the child, adolescent or young person's journey ( 0-25 yrs), at every level of need ( Ranging from simple to highly complex mental health / developmental difficulties acquired brain injury and co-morbidity with physical health conditions ) . We incorporate a multi-disciplinary & individually tailored approach to clinical care.   

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