• Psychiatrist-musician out to change the world

    BENGALURU: Not every day do you find a psychiatrist who is also adept in composing and singing while also using the latter in her professional practice. Dr Ramya Mohan is a child and adolescent psychiatrist from the city who lived in London for 20 years and has been using music and art in her work.

    She is now set to release her first Kannada-English single called Kanasullu: Of Dreams and Love, that talks about adolescent love and how to use it as a step to learn about life. “This song is a psychiatrist-cum-artiste’ take on life and love. It talks about the journey through life in many ways. The first flush of love, some love interest work out and some don’t. One however has to go through the process and this opens our eyes and sets us for the future. It is basically about how one can find laughter, love and life,” she says. Dr Ramya is a senior consultant developmental psychiatrist and medical educator with the National Health Service (UK) since 2008.

    “I work extensively with high emotions, strife and complex human minds. In turn I am able to simplify and express my thoughts through my music, songs and art to reach more people,” adds,Ramya.The single is set to be released on December 22. She has earlier brought out two albums and a English/Hindi single.

    Dr Ramya, an alumnus of the Bangalore Medical College is also the director of iManas, an organisation that aims to combine neurosciences with medicine, language and education, performing arts, visual arts and culture.


    In May 2016, she released a self-guided therapeutic technique called CAPE - Creative Arts for Processing Emotions in collaboration with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, musicians and linguists. This technique is based on Dr Ramya’s neuroscience research on music, emotions and the brain and was also presented at the European Psychiatric Association conference,the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Conference and published in European Psychiatry. She has also been interviewed by the BBC


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