Ramya: The Person

A Board-certified Senior Developmental Consultant Psychiatrist, Medical Educator, Music Composer, Singer,  Performing Musician, Exhibiting Artist, Author, Invited Speaker and Humanitarian working across Asia and Europe, Ramya is well known for her pioneering work in amalgamating the Creative Arts with Neuroscience for youth and societal development globally. As the creator of CAPE and the Medical & Creative Director/Founder-Head of iMANAS London™ working across Europe and Asia, her original work has pioneered an international movement integrating Music and Creative art with Neuroscience and Medicine to support optimal mental health since 2011: her trail-blazing concept has rapidly gained momentum in the West and East since then. She is a veritable ambassador for Indian Arts (Music and Fine Art), having worked tirelessly to showcase their role in supporting and sustaining mental health in communities worldwide.


Formally trained in Carnatic and Hindustani classical music, Ramya firmly believes in the healing and therapeutic power of music, incorporating this approach into her medical practice to promote recovery from illness and aid personality development in children and young people. Her live performances on an esteemed world stage have won accolades. She is a music composer, lyricist and singer for many music projects, having conceptualised, composed and sung the vocals for two internationally acclaimed ‘Music meets Medicine’ albums: CAPE and CAPE:Youth, which have garnered acclaim on world media. She has three popular fusion music video singles to her credit.


Ramya has been an invited speaker on prestigious global platforms: A TEDx speaker on the power of Music and Creative Art in mental health (A symphony of Science, Music and Art),The House of Lords and The House of Commons (British Parliament ), The Mental Wealth Festival, London ('The role of music and creativity in mental health and emotional well-being’), Sannidhi Arts/ Milapfest, Mangalore University, St Joseph's Educational Institutions etc. Ramya is a regular invited expert contributor to The Huffington Post, Herald, Change board etc. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international conferences on mental health on this area of expertise. Her expert opinion and original articles on mental health are highly regarded , published in innumerable national/local newspapers, online portals amp; magazines. She has been an invited expert Psychiatrist for live call-ins on the BBC Asian Network and Indian TV Channels around supporting Asian mental health, vulnerabilities and sensitivities with music.


In 2016,Ramya released her innovative, self-guided therapeutic technique ‘CAPE: Creative Arts for Processing Emotions ™,followed by CAPE: Youth (2017),a version for young people. She has pioneered the use of creative arts to support mental health in high-need populations across Europe and Australasia and is a global opinion leader on the subject. For the first time ever, young people whose lives have been transformed by CAPE have come forward to talk about their experiences in a powerful video emphasizing the crucial role of creative arts in mental health.


Combining her Indian roots with a working life in the West,Ramya is a global citizen with local sensibilities, an ambassador for creative arts in mental health. Her vision is to empower organisations, individuals & families through the powerful amalgamation of medicine, neuroscience and the creative arts.


Ramya is launching the CAPE app on a global platform in 2019 –another important step in her mission to optimise accessibility/reach and enhance the potential of music in healing and supporting mental health.