Invited Talks

Dr. Mohan is an invited expert speaker and an advocate for mental health and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry on an esteemed world stage. Amongst many, a few examples include:


TEDx ( ‘A symphony of Science, Music and Art’ )


The House of Lords , UK ( ‘The power of the creative Arts to support mental health and emotional well-being  for traumatized populations, victims of war and human rights atrocities ’) as part of the Amar Foundation lecture series hosted by The Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne


The Mental Wealth Festival, London ('The role of music and creativity in mental health and emotional well-being


The House of Commons, UK ( ‘Creation & Creativity :Integrating neuroscience, music and the arts in women, pregnancy and beyond)


Liverpool HOPE University, UK ( ‘The power of the Creative Arts for emotional well-being’)


The High Commission of India UK, Culture (Neuroscience, Music, Art and Creativity for mental health’)


The Bhavan London , UK ( ‘Art, Women and the Mind’)


PsychART conference , Maudsley Hospital, London Royal College of Psychiatrists UK and Heath Education Engand (Creativity and Psychiatry for medical trainees)


Mangalore University, India (Creative Arts to support potential, motivation and emotional well-being in national/international level professional sportspeople in full-time Education and their instructors ’ ) 

St.Joseph’s Educational Institutions , India ( CAPE and the power of the creative arts for children and families )

Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, Module for MA (Psychotherapy), London Paddington