DR RAMYA MOHAN, MBBS, FRCPsych( UK ), CCST ( UK Board-certification, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry )    

Managing Director , i MANAS London ( working internationally across the UK and India)

Senior Consultant & Medical Educator in Developmental ( Children and young people ) Neuropsychiatry , Psychopharmacology and Learning Disability, National Health Service UK ( 2008-Date ).                                                                                                                

Ramya received a Fellowship award from the Royal College of Psychiatrists ( 2019 ) for her  contribution to world Psychiatry as a global pioneer integrating Neuroscience , Psychiatry,  and Creative Art for optimal mental health . 


1. Neurodevelopmental disorders (Autism & ADHD)

2. Developmental Psychiatry & Neuropsychiatry ( Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Learning Disability, Acquired brain injury etc ) 

3. Developmental Psychopharmacology (Medication management )  

4. Paediatric / Adolescent/ Youth Liaison (Co-morbidity between mental and physical health conditions like Epilepsy, Diabetes etc) 

5. Multi-pronged therapy ( Including EMDR, Mindfulness, CAPE)


MBBS (Graduate Medical degree, Bangalore Medical College, India),1998

FRCPsych (Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists,UK), 2019 

MRCPsych (Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists,UK), 2003

CCST (Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training -Board certification UK ) in          Child &  Adolescent Psychiatry, 2008



(Adult, Old Age, Neurospychiatry , Liaison , Psychiatric Intensive Care in the inpatient and community settings ) 

Charing Cross Hospital, West London NHS Foundation Trust  

Guys’, King’s and St.Thomas’ Hospitals, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation trust, London , UK



(Developmental Neuropsychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Liaison, Developmental Learning Disability and Psychiatric Intensive Care in the inpatient and community settings) 

Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust , UK  

East London with The Royal London Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts, UK



CCST: Certificate of completion of specialist training (2008) London Deanery, UK 

Clinical Certificate in Psychopharmacology (2004-2008),The British Association of Psychopharmacology, UK

EMDR Practitioner Training (Eye movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing: Trauma Therapy ): Formal accreditation, The EMDR Association of Europe          

MINDFULNESS Practitioner Training, SABP NHS Foundation Trust          

3 Dimensional ( 3di ) Interview and ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule)Formal practitioner training & accreditation, Institute of Child Health/Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS trust and Cambridge ADOS Training, UK              

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Family Therapy: As recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) , UK. South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust, East London and The Royal London Hospital NHS Foundation Trusts Specialist Psychiatry Training Schemes ( London Deanery)  

MEDICAL EDUCATION : TEACHING & TRAINING                                        

QESP : Qualified Educational Supervisor Programme  , Kent, Surrey, and Sussex  (KSS) Deanery (2009-2012). Senior Medical Educator and Clinical Supervisor (2008- date), St. George’s (London) and Southampton Medical Schools, UK and trainees in General Practice, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Accident, and Emergency from various medical training schemes in the region (London and Surrey)                                                 

Specialty Champion for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry  , Health Education England  

Visiting faculty for MA in Child and Adolescent Mental Healthpost-graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, London , UK  


Accelerated Clinical Director Training Modules, SABP NHS Foundation Trust

Close liaison with schools, colleges, educators, social welfare and the criminal justice 

system on a daily basis in a senior consultative role

Autism Champion and member of the Autism Board (South Surrey)                                    

Expert witness in courts                                                                                                   

Lead Psychiatrist for mobilisation of the CAMHS Urgent Care Pathway, SABP NHS Foundation Trust  


Development of an innovative, practical, viable Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry healthcare model for international markets : Conceptualization, Business Development, and Clinical Leadership


Delegate on an international Healthcare mission to India , UK Trade and Investment, supported by The Department of Health, Secretary of State and the Healthcare wing of the UK Government (September 2014)  


Creator-Head, Global Creativity Consortium for Health & Wellbeing

( GCCHW) : Bringing together international medical / psychiatric and scientific leaders for research, development , innovation  and clinical applicability of creativity for health and wellbeing.

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‘Psychopharmacological management of complex cases in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry resistant to previous medication strategies’. Case discussion series and a comprehensive review of the literature. Awarded the ‘Clinical Certificate in Psychopharmacology’, British Association of Psychopharmacology, 2008.



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Role of Music and Non-Musical Techniques in Self-Guided Emotional Regulation. Paper presentation, 24th International Congress of the European Psychiatry Association, Madrid, Spain, March 2016


N. Anand, R. Mohan  

Role of Music and Non-Musical Techniques in Self-Guided Emotional Regulation: A systematic review of literature and proposal for a new self-guided technique for emotional processing. European Psychiatry, March 2016


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A proposed multi-dimensional approach to emotional processing and management: What is the current understanding? Research Presentation at the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress, London: 'Psychiatry; Brain, Body and Mind', June 2016


Bryony Routledge, R. Mohan 

A Service Audit of Children and Adolescents Presenting to a Secondary Acute Hospital in the UK: Interventions Offered and Comparison with National Guidelines. Accepted for presentation at the World Psychiatric Association International Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, Nov 2016

R. Mohan  

Protocol for the management of self-harm and mental health emergencies in children and adolescents, Royal Surrey County Hospital, United Kingdom, 2010


N. Anand, R. Mohan  

Do visual stimuli aid self-guided emotional regulation? A review of current literature. Accepted for presentation at the World Psychiatric Association International Conference, Lisbon, August 2019

R. Mohan  

One year retrospective study evaluating usefulness of a novel technique CAPE : Youth (Creative Arts for Processing Emotions : Children / Youth). Accepted for presentation at the World Psychiatric Association International Conference, Lisbon, August 2019

R . Mohan et al

Part of the consultant leadership team that developed the Pan-Surrey protocol for child and adolescent self-harm and mental health emergencies to Accident and Emergency departments, County of Surrey, United Kingdom, 2014


Ongoing research projects in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the UK.